Derek J by robchivers www.sxc.hu

As a Christian, some people would call me a believer. I find that a little funny. It doesn’t matter that everyone believes in something, somehow only if you believe in God are you called a believer. Strange isn’t it? Be that as it may, I like that label, I think it’s cool to be a “believer”.

And here’s why: if you want to pull off anything significant in your life, you need great faith. You need to believe.

Now it makes a difference who or what you believe in. Some leaders believe primarily in themselves. While I think that’s ok, in my opinion, it’s better to believe in someone greater than yourself. And who is greater to believe in and rely on than an all-powerful God?

Great goals need great power in order to be achieved. I can only get so much done by myself, but if my goals push me past my own limits, I come to the place where God has to take over and make it work, or else it will fail completely. Living on the edge sure isn’t easy, but it does expand you. That’s when we really feel alive. In my experience, a life with a greater risk of failure is also a life with a greater degree of fulfillment.

I’ve also found that trusting in God is a great stress killer. George Mueller once said, “The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.” Mueller was a man with the ambitious but difficult life calling of caring for the orphan. He faced enormous financial obstacles and continually had to confront the choice between stress and trust. He chose to trust God, and yet at the end of his life he had established 117 schools (providing education for 120 000 children) and had cared for over 10 000 orphans through his orphanages! If he had chosen anxiety over faith, the world would have been worse off for it.

So here’s my challenge for you (and me): What goals have you shied away from setting, because you’re too afraid of failure?

If you fail to reach your goals, your life isn’t over. There’s more to life than a list of achievements. The trick is to understand the bigger picture in life – that helps to take the pressure off. So how big is your picture?

Image source: Derek J by Rob Chivers http://www.sxc.hu


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