Relaxing in Mallorca

Relaxing hard in Mallorca

Getting back from holiday sucks. As the wheels of our EasyJet plane touched the ground in Berlin, I already had this sick feeling in my stomach, and it wasn’t from the turbulence. No, stress was digging its little claws into my newly Mallorca-bronzed belly.

Stress is such a killer nowadays, and you don’t feel it any greater than in that post-vacation, I’ve-got-83-unread-emails, can’t-I-still-be-on-the-beach phase that we all go through.

But I learned something on the beach this year, and I think it’s going to come in handy this week as I re-adjust from Spanish fiesta time to the German grind. And it’s this: Focus on the moment. As I lay on my beach towel baking in the sun, I had the privilege of being able to just drink in the moment, relax, and unclutter my mind. It was awesome.

And now I’m thinking, why I can’t I do the same here back at home? Yes, I may have 79 emails still waiting for me and a bunch of other to-do’s, but I can still unclutter my mind and focus on the current task I’m on.  That way I can stop myself stressing about all the things I still have to do and just drink in the moment of what I’m currently doing. And who knows, maybe I’ll even enjoy it 🙂

Rice Broocks was asked how he used to cope with the stress of leading an international organisation, and his answer was, “When I’m at the gym I don’t lift all of the weights at once. I focus on one set of weights at a time. I work with the dumbbells, then I put them down and work with the bench press. Then I move on and work on the next machine, and so on.”

And that’s how I’m trying to approach this week (and my work life in general) – picking up one task at a time, working on that, then putting it aside and moving onto the next one. Staying focussed on the moment.

How can you stay free of stress in your work week? Got any tips of your own to share?


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