Her eye by mstrione

Think about this: momentum is awesome, but momentum is also dangerous. Because it can make you blind. When you’ve been around in one place for long enough, you reach a certain “normal”. Previously new behaviours become overly familiar, and this “normal” becomes invisible to your own eyes.

Have you ever thought that your business or church or organisation might be doing things that are detrimental to your growth, but you don’t even realise it? To borrow from an old saying, if you’ve been around too long in the forest, you’re bound to miss the wood for the trees.

That’s why you need fresh eyes. At North Point Ministries, after new employees have been there for 6 months, the leaders get them to give them feedback about the church’s organisational structure, because they realise that these employees have something they don’t. Fresh perspective.

So here are some questions for you (and me) –

  • If you’re leading a department or ministry, are you getting your new recruits to give you feedback?
  • Have you created a work environment where people feel empowered to give honest feedback without fear of retribution?
  • If you’re working by yourself, who could offer you a fresh set of eyes – e.g. trusted customers, good friends, acquaintances in your same field?

Let’s be open to fresh perspectives!


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