Everyone needs friends. And for those who don’t have friends, there’s always a trusty dog.

I love my friends. I am blessed to have a bunch of companions who are gifted at what they do, and motivated to do it well. Even though some of their careers are unrelated to my line of work, I still find their ideas so helpful. I feed off them actually.

And I think that’s the point. Cross-pollination. Fresh input. It’s interesting that even though different industries have unique challenges that demand unique solutions, there are nevertheless surprising commonalities that can bring creative breakthroughs in your area.

So I love hanging out with my friends, firstly because they’re amazing people, and secondly because every once in a while I’ll come away with insights I can apply to what I’m doing. Most of the time they don’t even know that they’ve inspired me!

But here’s the challenge, both for you and for me: Are we open for the unexpected? Are we prepared to look beyond the obvious and see something new? We all know people who aren’t open to learn new things or view situations from a different perspective. Don’t be that guy.

My wife told me a while ago about a man she was teaching who was creatively reforming the firm at which he worked. The interesting thing is that he came from another industry and was using ideas he’d learned in that context to change his current company. He could see things that others in his area couldn’t. That’s the benefit of cross-pollination.

What have you learned from your friends?


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