Here’s a post I wrote for our church … thoughts on the good life –

Freundschaften schließen, Parties schmeißen, Geschichten erzählen

my heart beats for her by stephen poff– by Chris Goldswain

“Welcome to the good life!”, I hear Kanye West preaching the good news from my radio, “(Where) having money is the everything that having it is!” Ah yes, the good life: fame, wealth, and beauty. This is the golden pot at the end of the rainbow, the dream that pop singers have us all chasing.

Kanye isn’t the first to wax lyrical about the good life though. In fact, that honour belongs to Aristotle the Greek philosopher, and he certainly waxed with more wisdom. He wrote that the good life consisted of a life of the virtues, where one sought what was best for all. Good people pursued temperance, generosity, courage, truthfulness, justice, and above all else, greatness of soul (or the pursuit of honour).

That life is certainly worthier than that of your typical rap star … and yet it leaves us with a nagging…

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