working out in the street by fanz

I’ve recently started jogging, and it’s doing wonders for my productivity. My blood pressure is starting to drop, I have more energy, I can think more clearly in the day. It’s awesome. In fact, my most favourite days in the week are the days that I exercise on. My body yearns for its fix of endorphins!

I used to think “I don’t have time for exercise, I have too much work to do!” But I’ve experienced that since making time for exercise, I’ve actually been able to get more done. Working out has increased my creativity, and with it, my productivity.

It’s interesting to note that a lot of successful people know how to take care of their bodies. Of course there are many who don’t, but consider the following examples. Nelson Mandela had a stringent fitness regime which included one hundred fingertip push-ups, two hundred sit-ups, fifty deep knee-bends, and stationery running. And that was just part of his work out. Abraham Lincoln was an avid wrestler and remained physically fit throughout his life. Even Barack Obama has a regular fitness regime (which includes lots of basketball).

John Wesley noted that the greater care he took of his horse, the more mileage he was able to get out of it. And it’s the same with our bodies. If we take care to steward our lives well, we can go greater distances as leaders.

If you’re not doing some form of regular exercise, I would highly encourage you to start. It can only be good for you!


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