light up the web by hugoslv

Here are some great posts and quotes I found this week, just for you –

1. Dan Rockwell on the power of vulnerability. Some gems from this article: “Vulnerability is the channel of influence … the more authority you have the greater your opportunity to use or abuse vulnerability.” I’m still mulling over this one: “Separate affirmations from corrections. Affirmations followed by corrections negate affirmations.

2. Dan Rockwell on frustration. I loved this post. This quote sums it up: “The singular message of frustration is change. Usually, it’s you. Sometimes, it’s others. Perhaps it’s processes and procedures”.

As you may tell, I discovered Dan Rockwell’s blog this week. It’s gold!

3. A note on the increasing visuality of communication – Facebook will soon allow you to reply to comments with images. From the horse’s mouth: “A new camera button is rolling out that allows users to reply to posts with a picture.” Only confirms what I’ve been saying recently.

That’s it from me for now! Hope you find some inspiration and education from those articles 🙂


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