Hate-Work-Change-JobI was having a conversation at Christmas with a man who said the following to me: “We spend most of our waking life at work. So if you don’t enjoy your work, that’s a problem!”

I realised something in that moment. Although I was in my dream job, I wasn’t enjoying my work. And if my whole life continued like this, that would be a big problem! In my head I could hear the voice of Zach Galifianakis from Due Date: “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

My problem wasn’t my work. It was my attitude. I was getting too stressed out by my new responsibilities, instead of being thankful for them. I’d been given a gift, but all I could do was feel how heavy it was in my hand.

What’s your attitude towards your work right now?

You might be working a terrible job (or two or three terrible jobs) at the moment. I’m not picking on you. But here’s my question: Are you resigned to feeling sorry for yourself? Or do you see this as preparation for something better? And if so, are you getting on with the job search to make sure that better job comes your way? Maybe you have a great job but you’re facing a lot of new challenges at work right now. Do you see them as an opportunity for growth and mastery? Or do you just feel the weight of them?

No matter what your situation, as a leader on the edge of change (or as a future leader still seeking change), you need to check your attitude.

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