sam close up by Sammylee

Here’s something I’ve learned from my very limited time in the blogosphere:

Hardly anyone is reading these early posts of mine.

And that’s great!

The fear that kept me from launching out and posting was the mental picture I had of broadcasting my ideas to the world and being laughed at for it. But in reality, right now no-one really cares what I’m writing about. So why was I so afraid of starting?

Hopefully one day I’ll be like Michael Hyatt with a readership of thousands, but until then I have the privilege of honing my craft in the darkness of relative obscurity. And that’s a great freedom. For anyone starting out at anything.  

So what can the blogging world teach us budding young leaders on the cutting edge of change? Just get out there and start, because hardly anyone’s watching anyway!

So what are you waiting for?


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