Facebook does a lot of restructuring. Yes we hate it, but their permanent tinkering is part of what makes them such an awesome company. Recently they’ve realised the need for Newsfeed to become more visual and less text-based. Flickr has made a similar move.

That’s because our intake as people – our entertainment, our education, our advertising – is increasingly visually-oriented. Amongst American teens, Instagram has overtaken Facebook as the social network of choice. One of the biggest power players currently in the music industry is Youtube, which I may remind you is a video-sharing site.

If you do not master the art of communicating visually, it is going to become increasingly difficult for you to grab the attention of this generation.

So here are some important questions for you as a leader to ask yourself:

Are you making the most of visuals in the way you communicate?
Are your presentations too text heavy?
How effective is your use of images?

For more on this topic, I would recommend Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte as a very helpful resource.


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